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Ajokaersoutit oppersartuit Giuliinik pek- kossii'iiigdlo, taiiiii'ssii Luterij katckis- musingviutta ok'aiise. * Literal translation : Teachings by God, such are Luther's his Catechism, its words.

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The only texts of the Eskimo of the middle stretch of country are those of the Hudson Bay people by the Kev. No detailed statement of the plan pursued in recording this matter is thought to be necessary, as but few departures from the ordinary rules of library cataloguing have been made.

The dictionary plan has been followed to its extreme limit as the best adapted to the purpose in view.

The vocabularies collected by Norden- 1 Proof-sheets of a Bibliography of the Languages of the North American Indians, "Washington, 1865, pp. Vocabularies col- lected in Cook's Inlet, Alaska, may be of either the Aleut or Kadiak dialect of the Eskimo or of tribes of radically distinct linguistic stocks.

The compiler has frequently' found himself in doubt in such cases but has, after careful consideration, concluded that he can best serve the needs of students of the Eskimo by retaining all titles about which any reasouabie doubt exists.

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