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The true culprit remained a mystery until November, when flashbacks confirmed that Breda was the killer, having spotted another wrong'un who needed to be dealt with.In another red herring, dangerous gangster Glenn died in October 2018 after all of his female enemies in the village banded together as the WAGs – Women Against Glenn – and decided to each poison him with potassium chloride.Russ had caused a stir among the Mc Queens by cheating on Mercedes with Goldie and forcing her into having an abortion after learning she was pregnant – secrets that came pouring out during the ceremony.With the couple's relationship left in tatters afterwards, Russ found himself at war with the Mc Queens and was later hit over the head with a mallet in Sylver's workshop.

Sylver eventually forgot all about his early life and was stunned when Breda came clean last year about how she isn't his biological mum (leaving out all of the incriminating murder-y bits, of course).

And she's still lecturing others on bad parenting – what a cheek!

village last summer, Breda realised it was time to kill again.

The true culprit was dark horse Breda, who was perfectly-placed to do some drink-spiking of her own while working as a barmaid at The Dog.

character learned that lesson the hard way last November, when he was murdered on his and Mercedes' wedding day.

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