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We saw this most recently with the coverage of a home-schooled Christian, unemployed college dropout serial-bomber who terrorized a whole city for weeks and left two people dead and four other victims wounded.

In his taped confession before he blew himself up, Mark Conditt described himself as a “psychopath” who felt no remorse for the killings.

So why are investigators and the media going to such great lengths to say that Mark Conditt was not motivated by terrorism or race hate?

Why are they scratching their heads trying to gain clarity about his motives? history, being a normal white Christian means expecting white Christian supremacy, which is eroding a little bit every day.

They have organized and participated in lynchings, rape, and organized terrorism against immigrant and Black populations throughout the 20th century,” Curry says.

“What the media is overlooking is that white childhood has been conditioned by the narrative that white people are superior, and by effect will enjoy a superior economic and political position to Black and Brown groups in America. The SPLC reported that the number of neo-Nazi groups grew from 99 to 121, anti-Muslim groups grew from 101 to 114, and anti-immigrant groups grew from 14 to 22, attributing the growth to racially divisive language and actions by Donald Trump.

But white men are simply troubled and come from good Christian homes—and just took a bad, sometimes surprising turn.

We’ve made very little to no headway with reforms because we’re obsessed with focusing on adult attitudes and behaviors and not their root causes.

more dangerous in the United States than a white male who has expected to succeed and finds himself falling behind.

Or a white male who has power and feels his prerogatives are being challenged from every direction by women, people of color, immigrants, Muslims, and their capitalist overlords.

Bernstein says that we need to ask, “What is American culture teaching white boys, who become white men, about what they are entitled to and how they should express their anger?

” According to a growing number of studies, white men are stockpiling guns at an alarming rate.

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