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Link (Image Credit: Fox Searchlight) Although these duck boots only appear in a couple of scenes, it seems Anderson has a thing for the practical. Seen throughout the whole of this bonkers caper, as worn by the whole oceanography team, this woolen number has since become synonymous with the 2004 cult classic.

We’re a bit bias towards this film, as we pretty much dig everything about it—the acoustic David Bowie covers throughout are badass.

He seems to favor a more classic fitting garment than our super slim modern counterparts.

We’d describe his style as a mix of Cary Grant and The Wet Bandits from , on a sight-seeing tour of the India. This modern version of a classic cord suit by Albam fits the bill.

Link (Image Credit: Fox Searchlight) The man is never far away from a pair of Clarks Wallabees either.

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