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Coe answers the letter ol lomebody with a Petri- fied Personality— somebody in need of sdvlne on tin' general sub- )ert tjf getting ahead f U Ihe pottiom of her rohimn Mrs- Coe always urges: "Tf yon'rr a wallflower In the ballroom of Life, write to me. , which have re- timed to favor, feather* make a ^ifd Pf for :he hem ihowing below die at -ilk net fawns — specially wslimpd Tor the very ycning r Valti M-A will retd Me fur for iznminji on day and evening. *7 take care of my throat by smoking — Gfl RRICK FILTER TIP ^. It la the broad- minded mitllook of the younger Et Lintrniion which eventually savea the mldd Je-ttfied adrenturer; frcim ahipwreck. Shall w* und an e Kpririnorreil axlviiei round fo talk lhi» mnttcr oritr wtfh yen) Aakitttf urn to arnd htm will put you undor ao ebhgntion w Snirwr. ^^^^^^ ^^''^^a B^a B^a B^a BBfai Ynu ennnpr tc Weil if [ your Kidneys are Weak of Ailing. Per- haps I can tell you how to over- come tlic perrt Oflatton of your personality." I pushed my hand back through dishevelled hair After a limit I lit a pipe, picked up an envelope. My friends all tell me I'm pretty But I'm dreadfully u Hsruu L When men talk U me. frown* • ( EXT RE.- Summer evening gown of printed linen, nhirt- maker style. Thc Garrick Filter Tip delivers to your throat and palate the pure benefits of an entirely new and different blend of fine Virginia tobacco* (a Garrick Specialty). i 20-1 '6 And* now in handy Pocliot plat 50 Hn0 Ado Round Airtight M i National Library of Australia 51 59 The AUSTRAtl AN WOMEN'S WEEKLY flatardag. WHITE WINS WITH PERSIl — IT WASHES THINGS i SO WHITE THAT %i THEy STAY WHITE LONGER. ^ Dazzle thsm I Washing with ordinary lazy soap suds never gets out aft the dirt no matter how hard you rub — whites gradually lose their first ftesh bnlliance. $AVAI letters the Various reactions of friends and member's of the family to the con- templated divorce. In "The Cbnatunt Nymph." M1m Kennedy made a btg name an a writer. De Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills are com- pounded specially to reliere all farms of kidney trouble. Sid Moliruriruedl A mnn calliru; him- Bclf Juan Gomez, a mrrrthant of Coidcilstt. But 1 had wen hi* picture in the newspaper "El Liberal' — an evil little whltr~&esrded rocue. Bid over wlia* nnm L I could not remember ur Tii nnw He is Conde de Tarrevreja." Pt WM turn to Paffe 22 De WITTS PILLS Kidney & Bladder Of all Chemists 316 & 616 . They had the garden to themselves domes did not lower hit voice but he spoke abruptly and with an air of relief that all the preliminary banali- ties wrrr at last at an end. Senor Driver that some reverse fortune, such as may happen to any of us. " Mattle nodded hla head, •'Thai is understood, of course." "Good! He had a picture of the kindly old gentle- man keeping guard over his great Kasbah with Its turrets and Its crenellated walls aver one of the high passes of tlw Atlas like some great oaron of the Old days on the Marches, On the other hand, he had one peseta in his pocket only, and it would not turn into two. Gomes leaned forward and clapped htm on the shoulder. Mayo* t looked somewhat desperate, but that couldn't be avoided "Listen, chief," t argued. ■'Best ft) Do the beat you can All you've not to do a answer let- ters Mnybe some of ihc women out there will be Bind to help you. U it infan t sumo rtuivinclin, I'll put .uimebody else on the Jab. paetry, or impmraplu lec- iurettea at tfie schnrjl examum- tituis. Fhlltip B lias high praise for tha Quceiuland Department of Public lnstrurtion in the cl Torts it makes to old children suffcrins lrnm apeech defects and tlve ai- tendani hnndirfl.p M. " Gomez knocked the ash from the end of his cigar I am told ynu know Morocco. "I know it." Perhaps, men, you know the Eaid of Taugirl himself? It is not so serious, my young friend 1 No harm will be done to anyone— not even to the Ka.d Listen ■ There is a great key m the Kasbah of Tauglrt. Mean- while, you collect an extra two-ten every week " _ That settled II. an you aay against a two pminds- ten riser I turned In o daxe and went out of h« office. * 1" rianisi Engaged for Melbourne firoarfca Ht \ 'LN'A BAHNDEN, tba ynuiiij Adelaide pianint, whoue re- cent broadcast of the Liatt con- ecrto In E Flat with tlie Mel- bourne Bymphony Grcho,tra was *n favarobly received, la Jinpinir to lenvc later in Lhe year to con- | tape hrr miifilral studies in Arnerlra. Miss Bar Dd-nia work haa at- tratited a ureat deal uf attention in ^uuth Australia, and a travellin B ftmd Im bnen xiarted to ensure her the opportunity of further study and emwrlmier abroad. Mibh lanfc M'i carter, the clarinet player, u« on* lr Kurope far additional expnri- piwe. and thla Itmtt ahc will trai Li m the G p r m a d car Rfi boat. I'd read her column now and then usually with n grin. UOSBD by Shirley Ann Hlchjudi, who pl»T« It Jul In Chn Mimdi pictmt, -'II tm'i Done-" She will •loo appear In "Ta U Timbre" • AHti VK: A divided skirt tit whit* huckaback towelling, fur tennin or walking. Tlicn comt» a nil -climax and the gradual bundinff-up of shattered MARGARFJ KENNEDY writes sii/h inugbt mj J humanity on thw grown up, help in thta. 'jr■■ k in ciuactui B' ui Kh poiwma ai uric acid, bacteria Mu d other -.1' r pro- ttr-cta, tint the body is kept runninp, Whrn thr kidneys are healthy you are- not even aware nf their prraei K*. "Mothi-T In ilia." ai- thnu^Ji It waa written many years a^fr, n senile English woman. formerly \nary iraminj nch oota for boys In acrlculture, poultry- Iceepluir nnri h andcrof ta. You ought to wrv finf T y blue chiffon Always Come back and ftakh out the even iag " But I shook my head. In 'office ol the "Met WM" we secretly considered her stuff so much blah- blah -superficial, ob- vious, mane Mavbe you've seen the column Bvery day Mrs. Worn with a nhirt of air-force blue terry tairetling. It maker a most tiltractice and n fine geor*ette model that is • wing fhown rot* upon row of tinj- | •jatrteh feather, in palest pink are i ntched, giving the appearance of 1 .i ■ ■ .i I I cloak. fn evening roum the feather' -nor if u rarried out with Empire ftji H oodices of amail flat feathers, .'UK iktrtk of supple satin, or chiffon :» moied with three nr four bandn .■I Huffy plunks On petticoat! In fact, in looking uver thinpi, ttujy Eeem to wonder If a riivorcs is worth all the trouble. In fact, with Betsy married a Raln, and still not happy, and Alec drifting away from Joy and lier baby. They work ailcntly but ton- Brtan Uy, arn J thr Whltk lyatem benefiti thrreby. Tlie Child Welfare Control, *hd trav- elling clinics and dlfpnuoriei alwu (nlcrvatcd Mn, Pott, She con- siders that n spirit of trust Id such mo Yf-Tnnni* gradually com- munlcatin Q Itself to Etu? ttraeery Rvcogt UHtd by Rayat Uurnane Society ng us. "Ail rt Rht/' he riuddcnb/ decided, "then Til run yott home tn my car." I snppopc yon t Vihik _ felt deliri- ously overjoyed, 1 Buppom you think I jumped at tho opportunity. -iiiiiiimiiimiiimiii Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiitiiiimiiric una mth considerable misgivings read the. 1 wash That □m Jtc-i tlic other sir la laugh, and ihcy'rr always taunting me Also, it embarrasses the men Still. i Tctssed my feet on the edtle of her desk, and rend anntijpr imij. " I thought- "none of Hum Willi" f trad the letter attain Dear Mrs. I am nine- teen and work as a salesgirl m thn small department store of Conwitt why I know your column so well. The white ground iff patterned icith brown, green, and orange st ripen, fini&fied with green organdie buttons and a Pitched belt. BUT TH6RES NO m'Bfliria with Pt RSIL that's WHY «R6ll- WASHED CLOTHES LAST SO MUCH LONGER. But PERSIL'S active, ox^gen-charaed bubbles get rid of every spea of dirt in the closest woven fabrics. Whu L rmd be[jun as a littlf eddy of dom&djc strife bofiom M a. She has marc than sus- tained It ta th U brlillant and thou Rhtfid itudy. nnd Mnrk Hannay, thuir f rki Ti U un r 1 human beings — young moderns of thus year of graca, whn look with pltyin R eye on the mens that the cldttr people seem to be makintf of their lives, Mtwt Kennedy's jrammln B Tip np- peare to be tt mt on the question of divorce there is something wrone Bomewhere. (Our copy from thp publ Liherj.' The Key Continual from Page 3 Y younit Iriciid. V 1 wcrs prepju«l to S" t cxplftni Lians, J ibould not n sought tot % eamplcle Kraii K^r dawc ta hb last peseta to help m* ii m i broker'i -. will arrive at frgubtt Ly aj tin* tttaoni that unilaf the A. P [ilnn aim 1 11 ma na rills" of bad iti««irrmma : hava no worry nbaol irtei-aimmta at ai L A witn plan. At the first symptoms of kidney trouble take a snort course and you will soon be put right. Tlw Condf de T^l^te Tle J»' , ; and with w m Mnttii- fcnrans to hia feet. B sal down crovs- Icif Rod upon a njntilun and btci- oned (o Mattle to ML beilde him.

Her mother had marie for her a iotif; dress of rose- colored brocade, copied from & Vc Usques picture; full pleated and furthered at the wai M stiffened with a hoop uud coming right down to her feet "She wore this with a little cap of Hold tissue, and It was the prettiest sight ut the world to jw this jrw»- ful (tttta fl Rure dancing in thia red dres A, daintily lining tier skirts to [DOW ihat &he WW dut^B her steps properly, and bubhlin K over with mirth "I have vivid recoilrctimu of ser- ins Lhia lit Lit' rorte-elad fairy danc- ing Qui UUo Uui ear den in tier Ion* dress, and skipping daintily under the Interlaced bcual La of the pleached luiir walks, called by the : an j i iy ■■! "Fwt the reasons I have riven, t always araoefatc her with St. and un- canny power of 'second sight' sud- denly left him. It If enoouraiiau to oiler a little help and Ond onraelf to Jodtlflad.

Mattle was a man of an adventurous spirit, and had he nefded any other persuasion than his poverty he would have found It in Funtana's fear. ' Juan Games, however, did not approach his business until luncheon wag finished. "And where Is thl* house of roura, Sid Moliammcu-ci-Hall? Older leaves are weak in flavor but strong in tannin — that puckery tasie. bat A St'lfc NTII If FI TI7RF Fti KH AST Covpt I nr n nance, travel, bealth, mruriaiinn, Jtitlertes. M±s& Muclean Iiua aitw vemui'ed into the realm of tru? * Curing Defccttte Speech Among School Children Al'TEH a delightful Iw Uday In " 'li Wn Mrs. Now I'm ashamed — I'm tl)orouifh_y aicfc of mywlf— I — -** Thru *-_i when 1 heard the bus (■omtnif.

He wa» mill more thrilled when In a corner of the empty garden he wa* set face to face with a small, slender elderly gentleman srrumilnusly dressed who wore a little white pointed beard and a white mous- tache, and appraised him with eyes of steel. Up till then, he was the cultured host ta Jkinf easily or the great cities to which tils business had earned him. of course, you know like the palm of your hand," said Mattle Driver. Bushells Blue Label Tea is the young bud-lcif; ordinary tea is the full- grown coarse leaf. lackv datra, — 1 r tu«t|(in* anawer ML Nn extra ewt. t Rlfctes, and camposed toe film sonc "1'li C Mnth of Moonbi" for the film of th M name. Ncredoli Pbi Uipfi turned to Queenolaud in • m ' rendin PBs for the ro E-jmp Uoti of her Important and effectivr} wrjrk in corrcct- Ijctg and curing children aaffer- tne from impedi- menta of speech. ]\^A¥BE l IW v ■]-.- stuy for doicit* whut I did, but I couldn't help It. trytna to flaiit back teiwa, It took a few areond^ be- fore I cnuld rontrol my voice Then I told him the whol^ b ODCj^ truth* Bow else could I sgunre myaelf T "You'vi* been lau*ghltt^ At me all pv witn g," I laid- "S_ii inn." - cauar you know how Tvl- tw-^n t.i"y- hia to puil you hway from Hie Other Etlrl- with my tricks.

The sunlight sparkled on The Sapphire of the Mediterranean snd made the stone pavements a buute of gold, under the palmetto tree* it was cool and plea/am: and on the landward aide of this avenue that very good club and ■hose Ten good restaurants de- ployed their invitations Across the war from him Ml a beautiful wnorita. She looked so typical ■ ii old Spain that he was rare she was waiting to pose in the sunlight rur wime artist to paint A iu«i- cious-looking dog acted as her ■nmrdian 3tm he merely noticed these things. flouriahed a straw hat and sat down by Maine's aide ■ For the moment— yea. But fifteen thousand pesetas were fifteen thousand pesetas. get him clapped Went to his hotel and fetched the key. But he mesnt also to keep It with Uie owner of the key. »m from tins huni- rwdi of it* 1 * pattarni, ■iti tin .j Buttatl 'Ai or A. COLOUR IMPORTANCE You'll live in blatk day and night — black dinner suits, day suits and frocks tempered witij Glenea^les green, new blue-greens, wine reds and your grand- morlier's old gold jewellery. Kurd Tft Tnp t Aiao la Melbourne buying scoop Lay-by I Former's shoe man purchases J. Whelon's ftoclc ai a big discount PWnxtoniiirioned ^Ucc kid courtj and tins or dcrlw ties rletrins; « huge living in Melbourne prita. k of fldmlrer B via tha enimrtphuiiir and radio, on her corain K tour she wi D give Joint: rt-ciiofe with htsr hitsbnnd, Tte Rinuld Mfirphew. aljto an Austral Jatu, Famou.s Artists U'lill will trr I'lrilil Hf, TIC !

He was hungry and noth- e Ue matte red- A volet spoke behind hi* back. " Mattle recognised the volet, and his heart Jumped- It might be "hat someone wanted him after all Mattle was twenty -three years old. It u the hour of luncheon." Fontans was one of those curious nondescripts to be found nt Span [ill porta, half of him a marine and an official, the other halt ship s airent. •"Senor Driver, I have a friend who would esteem your lielp." said Fun tana. Moreover, hb elementary ideas of law and Jus- tice sere based upon the Moorish system as he knew St He saw no rsua why. That key must be re- turned bright and clean to Tau- ght. f H i I) tg-.r, X t •r.f k r,, .11* *f lr**tnvrnl f** */- h VT f AUUt tluj. I e*itl ttte tl plait anappsf r BAXTER'S Worm Tahleta Hairdresser gives advice on Grey Hair I'll* Jlirw u Mak* a ncuur Sl»4a Ora» EUtt- a Hinnrt m w*D *p*w* ■■ twni b*tfer*tatr Tar taa yaat Ira rwt»r«, f3ay«a i KU Mtrivr — -*n-trt It kt Lbira its Lts« tw4t (or ftwy aa4r, auat ■» bvai to C4UM» ar H-t Horn. ' ar h Wri Inf»w Uy ■nil Vml By In thr rirrral ■■it'»n. A deep, smoky blue becoming to all types is die next most prominent colour; and nivy, nin, grey, brown ate still popular. P-trm^i will mi o*I four ntw fritrij tr niu uiilh&tl tktrgo jraa titlstr Bnlltmi «t Amtrdt M Horn* J«uritil patfrnx. i than Lhrrr arrivals nf Artl-dam importarctr i Klne *chcdal«f for thai manth ; Lotte terhmtuin, sopr j m.

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