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In rich families, boys would be sent to expensive semi-private schools where they would learn Latin and Greek, and would be prepared to follow in their father’s footsteps, as leaders of their communities.

The daughters of rich families wouldn’t be sent to school at all, and were taught at home by the governesses.

The water cure, as it was known, was used to treat anything from baldness to hysteria.

For a lady to have pierced ears was nothing unusual, but in the late Victorian era, nipple piercing became a fashion among more stylish and daring women.

Seeing the enthusiastic response to this “medical” trend led many doctors who catered to wealthy clients to open their own hydrotherapy clinics.

Working children were common in the Victorian era, largely because poor families didn’t earn enough for food without it.

One job that had a high demand for children was work in the coal mines.

Customers would then suck the meat and fat off the bones.

We’ve all seen parodies of “racy” Victorian photographs, where a woman shows off a single ankle.

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