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Widespread protests against the revolution occurred in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, where Yanukovich received particularly strong support in the 2010 presidential election.

Protests originally erupted in November 2013 after Yanukovych refused to sign a political association and free trade agreement with the European Union at a meeting of the Eastern Partnership in Vilnius, Lithuania, choosing closer ties with Russia instead.According to government documents released by former Deputy Interior Minister Hennadiy Moskal, Russian officials served as advisers to the operations against protesters.Code-named "Wave" and "Boomerang", the operations involved the use of snipers to disperse crowds and capture the protesters' headquarters in the House of Trade Unions.The new government restored the 2004 amendments to the Ukrainian constitution that were controversially repealed as unconstitutional in 2010, A December 2016 survey by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology found that thirty four percent of respondents in the government-controlled Ukraine regarded the change in power as an "illegal armed coup", while fifty six percent regarded it as a "popular revolution".A period of relative calm in the anti-government demonstrations in Kiev ended abruptly on 18 February 2014, when protesters and police clashed.

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