Updating white cabinets with oak trim

If you have cherry trim, floors or cabinets, that means that you have red in your space and a color like green on the wall may conflict.

This is something that you may not realize when walking into a space but something will feel “off” in the color combination if there is a conflicting color on the wall and wood tones.

White also instantly neutralizes strong warm wood tones and it allows for almost any color to be safely used in the space in accents, fabrics and art.

via Clawson Architects Another trick is to only choose from the top two lightest colors on a paint card.

This will help to remind you of the need to think of your wood tones as a color and to identify the shade of your wood.

via Sand and Sisal80% of the time, when recommending paint colors to people with both trim and flooring, I suggest white.

It’s pleasing on the eye and our brain needs that color balance harmony.

If you happened to miss my post last month about how to use Sherwin Williams Snap It for finding paint colors, you can find that post here.

These are about as safe as I can give you but again, it’s really important to test a sample color on poster board just to be sure it’s the color you’re looking for: I’m breaking down today’s post into three of the biggest problems that I see when it comes to paint colors for spaces with wood trim/floors and cabinetry.

Wall color unknown via Mosiac Interiors SF One of the biggest problems that I always see when it comes to paint colors used in spaces with wood trim and flooring is that people always tend to want to use some shade of yellow on the walls.

Chances are, it’s a lack of undertone balance and harmony.

The best thing a home owner can do to showcase the beautiful wood features is to choose a color that is 65-75% cool and 25-35% warm in the undertone.

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