Updating redhat 7 2

My SQL is an opensource, Relational Database Management System.

My SQL is a most popular database server for Linux systems, it also supports a large number of platforms.

Some of the ISO images released by the Cent OS project have no direct upstream equivalents.

They are created for specific purposes, such as for providing a live bootable image, or for providing a reduced-size installation medium.

Minimal CD images contain a minimum of packages required for a functional installation, with no compromises in security or network usability.

These minimal images use the standard Cent OS installer with all of its regular features minus the selection of packages.

The product is largely composed of software packages distributed under free software licenses and the source code for these packages is made public by Red Hat.

Cent OS version numbers for releases older than 7.0 have two parts, a major version and a minor version, which correspond to the major version and update set of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) used to build a particular Cent OS release.

The set of packages installed that way on a hard disk can not be adjusted during the installation, as that is a simple transfer of the image existing on CD/DVD, to a hard disk.

After booting from hard disk, yum can be used for adding or removing packages.

Software Collections (SCL) is a Cent OS repository that provides a set of dynamic programming languages, database servers, and various related packages.

Provided software versions are either more recent than their equivalent versions included in the base Cent OS distribution, or are made available as official Cent OS packages for the first time.

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