Updating punkbuster

it states that punkbuster can retrieve screenshots from your people had better take time to read these things.

you can agree to anything you don't take the time to read.

stuff you might not find usual, a 3rd party company gets involeved with a great game, and ruins it. -( – by jonahpunkbuster is great as for lag get off dial up and dsl noobs.

i am running straight cable at an average of 2.9-3.7 mbps my ping in every server from 20-80 no lag no pb problems maybe you all need to learn how to install software correctly and follow directions.

game companies have realised that cheaters must be fought in online games. i even hosted a game with the damn stupid thing on, and it tried to kick me out of my own game!!! all of my favorite servers are blocking me now because punkbuster woun't install correctly on my machine. – by krispunkbuster doesnt even stop half the cheats out there and instead of dealing w/ cheaters only now we have to deal with cheaters and the fucking lag it causes.

new technology (not necessarily a common standard) should come out of valve. punkbuster just ruined the only multiplayer game i like so i hope it fucking rots in hell the stupid peice of shit!

Every aspect of WWII warfare will be accessible to a player and his friends from an FPS perspective, and the ultimate goal is to win enough campaigns to win the war.

Thanks to activision, you must update punkbuster manually to play on servers with pb enabled, some of our servers have pb enabled.

Hi guys, As the title suggests, I installed the newest update for BF4 this morning and now I get kicked after about 1 minute of play by Punkbuster. I'm hoping someone here may have another suggestion. Ok so when I downloaded it from the developers site it actually allowed me to manually add games to be auth'd. It's odd as I've never done that before, but it's fixed the issue.

Things I've tried; Uninstalling and Reinstalling punkbuster.

My last ditch effort would be to completely uninstall the game and reinstall, but that'd take all day and possibly tomorrow.

it would have to exist outside of the games as a separate unit.

that would probably make gamespy's job a lot easier also. ever since the new qiii point release, i haven't been able to enter half of them, and i don't even cheat.

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