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If you want to talk to us about anything KDE PIM related, feel free to stop by!– Other than that my main intention is to make use of the whole week to do some intensive hacking on Akonadi, in-person debugging and fixing bugs :) See you all in Milan! The fact that almost nobody has noticed means that the fallback to non-zchunk metadata is working perfectly. When we get the fix built for Fedora, DNF will automatically go back to downloading zchunk metadata.

It's to the benefit of everyone to follow these guidelines.One can then verify if the solution they worked on is correct or not.For example: We are starting with only a few problems, but I (and a group of volunteers) will slowly add many more problems. I’m so excited to meet with all my friends from KDE!After missing the conference weekends in Almería and Vienna, I’ll be able to get the full Akademy experience again - including delivering a talk!

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