Updating data in cell phone

Whether you're actively using them or not, apps love to eat up data.They're checking for updates, running ads, and refreshing your user content in the background.Temporarily switch off sync Going out for the night? Prevent your phone from unnecessarily syncing data by disabling syncing, either from the notification bar, or by going to Settings The simple answer to these woes is data compression.With it, a Web page is first compressed in the cloud before being sent to your phone, significantly reducing the download size. First, even though your data is encrypted and anonymized, the browser must still process your activity while it compresses it. Secondly, sometimes compression means sacrificing quality, leaving you with slightly altered Web pages.

Here, be sure that "Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only" is selected.

To adjust sync options, head to Settings Google, and select an account.

Here, uncheck the boxes next to the items that don't absolutely need to be synced. After that, you can manually sync accounts by visiting their respective apps.

(Anyone who's been hit with an exorbitant overage charge knows this feeling.)But if you're on Android, you've got a little more wiggle room, thanks to plenty of data-restricting settings.

With the proper configurations, you'll find yourself using data at a much slower rate -- so much so, perhaps, that you could even step down a tier.

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