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And while it might work for the Outlook Calendar, you’ll be better off bookmarking the page. There is however a free Outlook app which embeds Calendar.

The rise of competition from Google Calendar, Apple i Cal, Yahoo Calendar and other companies has given businesses and individuals the opportunity to use different platforms to manage their time and their messages.Google could embed its calendar and its email app into every one of the hundreds of millions of phones and tablets that use its Android system.And because it could make money on the advertising surrounding those products, it could give them away for free. Always more of a hardware company than a software firm, Apple was happy to toss a free calendar and email program onto its devices if it meant that it could charge a fortune for the devices themselves. After years of stasis, the company has revamped its Office suite, switched to a subscription model and offered versions of many of its key products for free.At the same time the spread of mobile devices has made calendars fixed into an email system on the workplace computer insufficient.Users also need to be able to access their calendars on their phones and tablets.

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