True blood co stars dating

“I started thinking about acting again and figured I should try it before I dismiss it for good.”So Skarsgard moved to New York City and enrolled in an acting class at Marymount Manhattan College.

He fell back in love with it immediately and returned to Stockholm to sharpen his skills doing theater work. It was the summer of 2000, and Skarsgard was visiting his father in Los Angeles, where he was shooting .

So far, he’s been linked to “Well, of course it happens,” said a visibly awkward Skarsgard.

“You have a very intense experience together and I don’t think it’s very uncommon that people meet at work.” He pauses, then laughs. You get to know people, you become friends, and then it leads to something else.”And while his star is rising in Hollywood, Skarsgard says he doesn’t plan to leave the HBO show—which will resume shooting its fifth season in December—any time soon, saying, “As long as it’s fun, I’m having a blast, and they want me on the show, I’ll do it.”It’s taken Skarsgard a few years to transition into films since he made his big splash on where he’ll play a married man caught up in an identity-theft scam—a role for which Skarsgard packed on 15 pounds.

“I’ve had moments where my phone’s silent and I get no scripts sent my way or no phone calls from agents.The hunky role isn’t too much of a stretch for Skarsgard, who was voted “Sweden’s Sexiest Man” five times in a row, much to his actor-father Stellan’s chagrin.“He pushed me off that throne and I’ll never forgive him,” the elder Skarsgard told The Daily Beast.“I was Sweden’s sexiest man once and then my son comes and becomes it five times in a row just to show Daddy.”Now, after melting the hearts of women—and some men—on HBO’s flagship show, the aesthetically pleasing younger Skarsgard is angling into more serious fare, starring alongside his father in celebrated Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier’s , in theaters Friday.Then, at 13, Skarsgard achieved his first lead role in the TV film The Smiling Dog.Since Sweden only had a handful of TV channels then, Skarsgard became a local sensation—and hated it.“You want a cute girl in school to look at you because you’re cool or cute, but it made me paranoid because suddenly I just assumed that everybody looked at me because they recognized me from television and I didn’t like it,” said Skarsgard.

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