Therapeutic communication validating

The goal of Validation Therapy is to be present and accepting without having to ask why.

Validation therapy encourages us to join them in their reality rather than trying to bring them back to ours. After her birth in 1932 in Munich, Germany, she and her parents moved to Cleveland, Ohio.

Ideally, it also provides a sense of peace in their final stage of life.

Feeling validated, respected and understood, they are less likely to exhibit the agitation and frustration often characterized by dementia sufferers.

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It may require you to do so even when you don't agree with or believe what has been shared.The key concepts of Validation Therapy include: As you can see, these techniques are much easier to apply when working with someone you know and even easier if you know them well. Experiencing dissatisfaction with traditional treatment methods used with disoriented elderly dementia sufferers, Feil developed what we know today to be Validation Therapy.Knowing someone's history makes it easier to steer conversations in the right direction, but is by no means a guarantee that it will work every time. She has written two books about the techniques she uses, .Application of these principles fosters validation for them and for the thoughts and feelings they may be attempting to convey.The theoretical assumptions and bases used to conceive the principles were adopted from the work of other theorists such as Maslow, Freud, Piaget, Jung and Rogers.

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