The dating doctor langen

While the US is heavily represented in the profiles, there is also a good representation of international profiles.It has also dropped in its bounce rate and the average fewer sticks around to at least look at 4 pages a day.For a simple site Match Doctor has a lot of typical features that you will find on any standard dating site You can contact people via email or IM and you don’t have to pay extra for that.

Realistically, doctors have bad days (like, really bad days) more often than we like to think about. Match Doctor is a struggling little site with all the right ideas, it just lacks the understanding that real people don’t want to see other real people when they are considering joining a dating site. By the time he's gotten through med school, residency, fellowship, and whatever the hell else one's got to do to learn how to save people's lives, he's pretty much seen it all. Let the very proactive, very ambitious date night planning begin! This is a low tech site that is free because it hosts ads.The other thing that will leap out at you is the fact that the front page is full of what truly appears to be profile pictures of real people.

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