Tegan dating

Lindsey Brynes is an La based photographer who specializes in taking pictures of bands ie. She is a lesbian and is dating the coolest chick in the world, Tegan Quin from Tegan and Sara. Tegan hasn't been married or publicly revealed such information. They have since divorced, but Storey continues to be the band's art director.

I was concerned it would drum up so much negativity that I would start to feel bad.Montgomery’s quiet support and loyalty characterize a portrayal I won’t soon forget and epitomizes the story in a film ten years in the making, sprouted from intimate conversations between Talbot and Fails on long walks in San Francisco.When it came time to give a musical voice to these central and deeply personal themes, Talbot knew his choice would be crucial to the delivery of his and Jimmie’s message. A student of score composition at Berklee School of Music and a member of the long touring band The Dig, Mosseri had prepared for this opportunity, but had yet to take on the challenge of scoring a feature length film.The impact of substance leaves you dizzy and awakened.and its music continue to hold such sway over me, long after I absorbed them for the first time back in June [It’s still in theaters by the way].

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