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Before, YG Entertainment is known as cool, rebel and even odd styles even in their music such as 2NE1, Big Bang.

The reason is that YG has never highly appreciated idols’ appearance.

Seoul Eastern District Court proved that the news (about YG’s drug scandal) published by this journalist was not true.Even the “not good-looking” rapper, Bobby, was also taken care by YG until… Although they are not as attractive as “Lee Soman’s flower garden”, it is undeniable that the 3rd generation idols of YG have been more and more beautiful than previous generations.If before, YG often ignored idols’ scandals and troubles, or solved them with letters or press release, they are stricter now.And YG Entertainment had released a statement about their dating rumor.Among 3 biggest entertainment companies in Korea: JYP Entertainment is usually complimented for their artists’ personalities, SM Entertainment is well-known for their artists’ attractive appearances as well as a number of dating scandals, and YG Entertainment is often praised for their artists’ talents.

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