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"Yes, we're engaged," Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara, 47, told HELLO! "In December, he surprised me with a beautiful ring.

"It wasn't entirely out of the blue because he kept saying, ' I've got something really important for you.' He first asked me to move in with him over a year ago, then I suppose he wanted to show his commitment." CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE Tamara Mellon said "Yes" last December when she was surprised with a beautiful ring Tamara also revealed that the couple have bought a property together in the city where they both live, New York.

In the great tradition of relocation, she’s gone West, where the second iteration of her Tamara Mellon brand, now two years old, is thriving.

Its £450 Frontline sandal has become a red-carpet favourite, worn by Jennifer Lopez and Solange Knowles, while the Duchess of Sussex caused such a surge in demand when she was pictured in a pair of Tamara’s siren heels that the firm sold out in every size.

‘This year was absolutely devastating.’ Matthew, an addict with a well-documented history of drug use, died while on his way to rehab in Mexico, leaving behind not only Minty (short for Araminta), but also his second ex-wife, Nicole Hanley, and their two young children, Olympia, five, and Force, seven.

‘I’m still so emotional about it – I can’t believe he’s gone,’ she says.

"Michael is very supportive and a great sounding board.

He is so honest and very straight up – you don't get anything wishy washy with him, although he's no good at small talk.

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"I've always felt very at home in America and love the beat of this city," she said. Minty was only seven years old and I wanted her to grow up with her father and his new kids and for her to know her extended family and cousins.

‘He was showing up for Minty, he looked healthy and handsome and was living the life he wanted to yearlive.’ As an early investor in cryptocurrency, he’d also enjoyed a great deal of financial success.

However, in the three preceding years, he’d fallen back into addiction.

The 54-year-old had been battling addiction issues for decades, but in his last months, says Tamara, Matthew had been ‘doing so well’.

Minty had persuaded him to go into rehab, and ‘he was sober and the best I’ve ever seen him in the 20 years I’ve known him’, she says.

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