Sushi dating funny jokes

Side (suicide) Sue Shi (Sushi) Tanya Hyde (tan your hide) Ted E.

Baer (teddy bear) Teresa Green (trees are green) Tim Burr (timber) Tyrone Shoes (tie your own shoes) U. Freehly (you pee freely) Walter Melon (watermelon) Wayne Deer (reindeer) Willie Maykit (will he make it?

" Two Accountants Two accountants go to their credit union on their lunch break, when armed robbers burst in.

Muck (run amuck) Sadie Word (say the word) Sam Dayoulpay (some day you'll pay) Sarah Doctorinthehouse (is there a doctor in the house) Sheeza Freak (she's a freak) Shirley Knot (surely not?

) Stan Dup (stand up) -- Funny Names List -- Stu Pitt (stupid) Sue E.

What do you get when you cross a banker with a fish? As the three drunks round a bend, they spot a Cats and Dogs Home and jump over the fence into the kennel yard. " and the cop nods his head, exclaiming, "Must be cats!

Hot on their heals are the cops, responding to the alarm.

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