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On later Fender JV models, the "MADE IN JAPAN" can be found on the heel of the guitar neck, just above the metal neck plate.All Fender JV models had the serial numbers engraved into either the neck plate or bridge.Superb sound and playability set the Squier Affinity Series Precision Bass PJ apart from the pack!With both a single-coil Jazz Bass bridge pickup and a split single-coil Precision Bass pickup, each with its own volume control, this bass has huge tonal range to dial in just the right sound.These stamps can be found in differentlocations on your guitar, so now I'll tell you where you need to look to find these markings... acronym for "Japan Vintage" On these guitars you will find the letters "JV" stamped/engraved into the neck plate of the Stratocasters and bass guitars and on the bridges of the Telecasters and other guitar models.There will be 5 numbers also engraved after the "JV" lettering.They follow the same serial numbering patterns as the Fender MIJ models.

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Good play, weird feel, returned, hence the 3 stars. With this bass I am not concerned about minor scratches or dings. I'm 100% confident there are better basses out there than this one, but at this price this is the most bass you'll get for the money.On Telecasters and certain other models, you will find the serial number on the bridge.The serial numbers will start with a letter that corresponds to specific years of production. You will not find the MADE IN JAPAN stamp on the headstocks of Fender MIJ guitars. acronym for "CRAFTED IN JAPAN" These guitars were made from 1997 and are still being manufactured today.Many also have penciled neck dates () you can only see when the neck is removed from the body of the guitar. acronym for "Squier" These models were made by a different division of Fender and bear the Squier logo and not the Fender logo.These models have the serial numbering and markings in the same location as Fender JV guitars, and were made only during the years 1983 to 1984. acronym for "MADE IN JAPAN" These models spanned the years from 1984 to 1997.

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