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We also have a FAQ section where we have provided detailed answers to most of the commonly asked questions. com, we also have matching software to help you find members who you can interact with based on your profile and preferences.This comes in handy as with thousands of members and new ones joining every day, it may take time browsing through all members.We pride ourselves at having a very friendly and safe dating site as we manually review all profiles and remove fraudsters and scammers.

With an very easy and simple sign up process, joining us today will be one of the best decisions you make as Disabled Dating Club.Despite there being numerous internet dating sites, most of them do not focus on people with disabilities or do nothing to promote dating among people with disabilities. com was specifically founded out of the need to create an online community of people from all over the world who have disabilities or those who understand their challenges.Bringing together people who share such a sense of appreciation and understanding of each other is our main motivation. Bloemfontein I like this place so much because I'm finding so many single men that I can talk to.It great, I just know I'll find someone close to my heart. Cape Town When I first joined, I said "nooit, it's just too easy". I found so many single ladies looking for their soulmates, I'm glad I came here.

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