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Selected by Open Call Organized by Noé Gaytan​/ Michelada Think Tank Cultural Equity Speed Dating is an activity that emerged out of Michelada Think Tank’s efforts to create meaningful relationships amongst the people in our networks attending our events.

In Cultural Equity Speed Dating participants search not for a romantic partner, but an artistic collaborator.

Most importantly, we see our practice as creative ways of establishing a more equitable cultural field.

In the conversations where one person asked many questions, the person that was answering the questions reported liking his conversation partner more.

” and “Should the Whitney Museum have removed Dana Schutz’ painting of Emmett Till?

” In just 60 seconds, both people will share their thoughts and experiences with race, culture, and working towards equity.

We seek to challenge dominant discourse by facilitating difficult conversations.

Through building relationships around issues artists face, we hope to foster future collaboration and work toward collective action.

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