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The previous night I had been a willing participant in a one on one nude wrestling match in my hotel suite. I pinned her to the mattress with a rock hard cock in her wet willing tight pussy. Missy pinned me to the sofa and had her way with me while I man mauled her breasts, teased her nipples with my teeth and our tongues dueled.Missy and I wrestled, for the first time, initially on the bed and then, as the night progressed, all over the suite. I pounded her to screaming orgasm after orgasm, her body wrapped around mine like no other. I took her on the carpet, she on her knees as I entered her from behind, my hands on her hips keeping her from escaping the impalement of my thick long cock deep in her ass.Deep full strokes in that heavenly warm wet tight pussy.I left this totally fucked out strawberry redhead dripping from both holes wrapped in the bed sheets when I went downstairs to the hotel gym to work out. I asked Missy to be sure and bring along that red lipstick she wore when we first met that a couple of months before in the hotel lobby.I had no idea but it turned out that Missy loved butt sex. But it was a short lived debate because the next moment she was climbing on my hard cock to ride me to heaven. I'd spurted between her tits, on her lower back, on her face, in her hair.As we moved naked around the bed, and then around the suite, I wondered which hole she truly preferred. Since my wife had died in car accident one year previously, I had been in bed with fifty women, maybe more. Not the entire truth; Missy rode herself to orgasmic heaven as she humped my erection. There was plenty of my sauce dried on her pubes too.With that the pilot winked and I knew that she knew what would be taking place in the passenger compartment of the plane.I thanked her for her discretion and went up the steps of the plane to find Missy waiting for me. She was standing just inside the cabin, greeting me with "I remember wearing it just for you Jack; I wanted to make a good impression on you.

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"Tell me I'm starting to work to my full capabilities." While I quickly pondered how to respond, Missy bent her head and licked my balls, eliciting another groan and a surge of blood into my now erect penis. I just knew I was going to really enjoy it when I met you for coffee." Her tongue swirled around my tight sack.She took out the tube of lipstick and put it on those slightly puffed up lips; swollen because of all the kissing we did and sucking she did. She bent her head and swirled her tongue around the head, just like she was eating an ice cream cone. I had memorized and played back in my mind every word, every gesture; every look she gave me that November morning.I groaned at this pleasurable highly feeling and she looked up at me and said "Do you remember when you told me that I had more abilities than I was currently using? She smiled and licked again and I groaned again; my God she was good and getting better each time she had that mouth, tongue or lips of hers anywhere near my cock.That kept me hard and, smiling at me, she opened her mouth wide as I began fucking her mouth, my erection going so deep I entered her throat with every thrust. Her breasts were large, firm and more than a handful.God bless her, she didn't gag but encouraged me to pleasure myself until I came down her throat. The areoles that capped her breasts were at least two inches in diameter and rising from the center were one inch pink eraser nipples just begging to be sucked, licked, kissed, teased and clamped.

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