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The Netherlands is home to some of the world’s banking giants, but most banks will accommodate expats with a new Dutch bank account.

This guide provided by online bank Bunq will walk you through the process and give you some valuable information about banking options and what to expect when opening a bank account in the Netherlands.

Financial institutions offering low-cost accounts must: The information you get about low-cost accounts is in addition to the information your financial institution must give you when you open a regular bank account.

Learn what information financial institutions must tell you when you open an account.

When you file your important papers, you keep them all in the same filing cabinet. No, they are in multiple filing folders to compartmentalize, organize, and help you keep track of things you need.

So if your papers aren't tossed into one big drawer, why would you toss all your money into one big bank account?

Most of us have two bank accounts – one saving, one checking.

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The fact is, MOST families statistically have trouble making and keeping a budget.

The following table lists the financial institutions that offer low-cost accounts. Check with your financial institution for its policy on balance inquiries.

If the bank waives account fees when you maintain a minimum balance, you must maintain the minimum balance throughout the entire month.

No-cost accounts have the same features and services as low-cost accounts but with no monthly fee.

You may be eligible to get this type of account if you’re part of the following groups: Contact your financial institution to learn more and find out if you qualify for a no-cost account.

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