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Perhaps they were “outcasts” during their teen years.Looking for these causal factors is important, because you can gain good perspective and understand that those factors are not in your life now and need not be impacting who you are today. If an individual working on self-esteem is currently in a relationship, it is important to be honest about what behaviors that condition causes in relationships.Read how you can improve your communication skills.

It’s Feeling guilty or embarrassed about who you are, deep in your core. Damaged or flawed in fundamental, irreversible ways. Your man may never admit it outright – but he wishes he were someone else. We’re stuck in this skin forever, and the hate, the self-pity – it gets us nowhere.

If nothing else, this should serve as a reminder that many people who perhaps had low self-esteem growing up overcame it and have productive lives and great relationships.

Adults with low self-esteem need to re-visit their pasts and confront their demons from long ago.

Low self-esteem is tricky; the sufferer can distract himself or run away from it for years. Many times it will be confusing, and he may hurt you without wanting to. He hurts enough just being himself.) Here are some important things to remember: a cheat sheet to get you through tough times. He’ll never forget that you were the girl who helped him discover the greatest love in the universe.

He may not even realize that the darkness he feels is low self-esteem. If you love him, he will need you to get through it.

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