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Commonwealth of Virginia 07/09/2019 Appellants conviction affirmed as evidence was sufficient as a matter of law to prove that he possessed a firearm capable of expelling a projectile by means of an explosion 1946183 Nanochemonics Holdings, LLC & Clarendon National Insurance Company v.

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Commonwealth of Virginia 07/23/2019 Trial court did not err in denying appellants motions to strike where the evidence was sufficient to prove appellants convictions of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, making a false report of child abuse, and giving a false report to law enforcement 1754184 James J. Commonwealth of Virginia 07/16/2019 Trial court erred in denying appellants motion to strike where the evidence failed to prove appellant knowingly and intentionally possessed the cocaine found in the vehicle 0976182 Yaqub Hameed Muwakkil v.Commonwealth of Virginia 06/18/2019 Trial court did not abuse its discretion in refusing to strike two jurors for cause or in refusing to allow appellants experts testimony at the guilt phase of the trial 0057191 Kenny L. United Parcel Service and Liberty Insurance Corporation 06/11/2019 Summary affirmance no error in Commissions finding that appellants shoulder injury sustained during physical therapy was not a compensable consequence of his work-related accident 0899181 Canton Thomas John Johnson v.Commonwealth of Virginia 06/11/2019 Trial court did not err in denying appellants motion to suppress or in finding that evidence was sufficient to prove appellant intended to distribute the drugs he possessed 1437183 Frances Lynch v. of Medical Assistance Services 06/11/2019 No error in trial courts finding that appellant had not perfected her appeal because neither she nor her attorney signed any pleadings submitted to the circuit court 2020182 Raymond Leroy Weller v.Samuel Kenneth Barker 07/02/2019 Summary affirmance judgment of trial court regarding final decree of divorce affirmed where the record is insufficient for review of appellants assignments of error 0260191 Michelle Hobson, s/k/a Michelle Sonberg-Hobson v.City of VA Beach Department of Human Services 06/25/2019 No error in trial courts finding that termination of appellants parental rights to her child was in the childs best interest 0815182 Herbert Cottrell Braxton v.

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