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The Eastern Churches call this season “Theopany”—a manifestation of God. The Christmas Gospel recounts the anonymity of His birth.

Two separate fatal accidents in Wilcox County left two dead over the weekend.

A single-vehicle crash on May 25 claimed the life of an Alberta woman.

One photo shows dozens of capsized boats at a harbor, while video shows stalled cars among flooded roads and completely destroyed homes.Through the season we have these epiphanies—the Holy Ghost descends as a dove when the Lord is baptized, the Doctors of Theology in the Temple listen struck mute at “the understanding and answers of a twelve-year-old, cleaning water turned into the choicest wine so a wedding party can keep going strong. Some of us find life pregnant and rich with the presence of God; others see—and so not surprisingly find—nothing.These are pictures, not just of God revealing Himself, but of how He does it, why He does it, and what our response is to it—then and now. For the Three Kings, God was born in Bethlehem; for the fourth, King Herod, it wasn’t a Savior but a threat born that night.The devastation is unprecedented and extensive.' Walmart, the country's biggest seller of ammunition, has announced it will stop selling bullets for assault rifles and handguns and will ban customers from carrying firearms inside its stores, the chain announced on Tuesday.It comes in the wake of two deadly mass shootings, one of which occurred in one a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, during which 22 people were killed.

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