Romy madley croft and oliver sim dating

Their voices go higher and bigger than ever before.Even though they’re perfectly aware that the result could be the alienation and disillusion chronicled in “On Hold,” they’re willing to take that chance.The xx is unlike any other band today, simply because nothing about them is as it seems.Looking at the British trio—vocalist-guitarist Romy Madley Croft, vocalist-bassist Oliver Sim and producer-programmer Jamie xx—with their all-black outfits and hair, you might expect them to churn out moody post-punk.Her solo vocal effort, “Performance,” is heartrending, complete with haunting strings and somber lyrics.“Performance” is a unique facet of the album because it contains no percussion, but is not an emotional outlier.

It’s these moments that you are most vulnerable, when you offer someone your heart and have faith that they won’t break it.

Yet through all this upheaval, some things remain the same.

The melodies feel as deliberate as before, with no note out of place.

Front duo of guitarist Romy Madley Croft and bassist Oliver Sim sing in soft, hushed voices, tossing lyrics between them like conspirators finishing each others sentences, occasionally joining together in unison mumbles.

It makes for an odd but effective boy-girl dynamic, like eavesdropping a lovers’ secret conversation.

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