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The song was later released on i Tunes and radio on 25 June 2013.

It is the first single from Bergling's album True, which was released on 16 September 2013.

He rose to prominence in 2011 with his single "Levels".

His debut studio album, True (2013), blended electronic music with elements of multiple genres and received generally positive reviews.

The matter was resolved out of court with representatives stating "that Leona Lewis and Avicii will work together on the forthcoming single of Collide".

Bergling's UMF Remix of "Girl Gone Wild" was released on 20 April 2012, and "Superlove" with Kravitz was released on .

On 28 March 2014, FIFA and Sony Music Entertainment announced that Bergling would be collaborating with Carlos Santana, Wyclef Jean and Alexandre Pires for the official FIFA World Cup Anthem titled "Dar um Jeito (We Will Find a Way)".

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Bergling was nominated for a Grammy Award for his work on "Sunshine" with David Guetta in 2012 By 2009 to 2010, Bergling was a prolific producer and was releasing music incredibly quickly.On 21 March 2014, Bergling released a remixed edition of his album True titled True: Avicii By Avicii containing remixes by himself of all the tracks, excluding "Heart Upon My Sleeve" for unknown reasons.The promotion of this album was supposed to begin at the 2014 Ultra Music Festival, but Bergling announced he had been hospitalised on 28 March, and was unable to play his closing set at the festival.His track "Fade into Darkness" was sampled by Leona Lewis on her single "Collide".The sampling was not accredited and led to controversy as Bergling attempted to block the single's release.

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