Resource out of date try updating subversion

'Move' operation is used to move files/directories from one place to another in a repository tree.

When you check out the working copy or update the working copy, then your working copy is completely synchronized with the repository.

The 'create' operation is used to create a new repository.

Most of the times this operation is done only once.

In this tutorial, we will concentrate only on the Centralized Version Control System and especially Subversion.

Subversion falls under centralized version control system, meaning that it uses central server to store all files and enables team collaboration.

This operation synchronizes the working copy with the repository.

The branches directory is used when you want to pursue different lines of development.Let us suppose Tom and Jerry are the two developers working on a project.Both check out the latest version from the repository and start working.After adding configuration, file looks as follows: Let us create Subversion users and grant them access to the repository. [[email protected] OS svn]# svnadmin create project_repo [[email protected] OS svn]# ls -l project_repo total 24 drwxr-xr-x. The trunk is a directory where all the main development happens and is usually checked out by the developers to work on the project.htpasswd command is used to create and update the plain-text files which are used to store usernames and passwords for basic authentication of HTTP users. The tags directory is used to store named snapshots of the project.

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