Reid from criminal minds dating taylor swift

This is a list of characters in the television series Criminal Minds, an American police procedural drama that premiered September 22, 2005, on CBS and that is also shown on A&E and Ion Television in the United States. In the end, Reid saw his father after a 20-year absence, and found out that the murders in his dreams were indeed based on a real murder case and that his baseball coach, his mother, and his father were involved in the case, some criminally (his baseball coach), and some not criminally (his parents).

Spencer Reid is a genius who graduated from Las Vegas High School at age 12. Reid, even though the others are introduced as agents, because SSA Jason Gideon understood that people would not otherwise take Spencer seriously because of his young age. This was due to a series of events that happened in Reid's childhood.

He claims to have an eidetic memory, and hints that he could one day suffer from schizophrenia, since his mother does.

Matthew Gray Gubler has been known for his many hairstyles throughout the continuing show. Cook, SSA Jennifer "JJ" Jareau originally acted as the team's Communication Liaison with the media and local police agencies.

Penelope is an "only child," and her parents were both killed in a tragic car accident when she was a minor.

She was later adopted and her last name was changed to García by her adoptive parents.

In "The Black Queen", Penelope's past is brought up after a series of flashbacks.

In those flashbacks the viewers see a Goth-looking García.

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In the following episode, "Sense Memory", after coming home from work, she notices that someone had been in her house because her cat's back was wet and her window was open.In 2015, the actress announced she was expecting her second child, which was written into JJ's storyline. Played by Kirsten Vangsness, Penelope García is the team's Technical Analyst at BAU headquarters in Quantico, Virginia.She is flamboyant, a non-conformist, kind, fun-loving and provides the rest of the team with comic and compassionate relief whenever it is needed.She returns for the 200th episode to help rescue a kidnapped SSA Jennifer Jareau and again in the episode "Tribute" (season 11), where she enlists the help of the BAU in catching a serial killer who had originally killed in Europe before killing in the United States.Paget Brewster was confirmed to return for a several episode arc in Season 12.

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