Reggie and kim kardashian dating

It is said that the two were off and on again for nearly three years before they ended things for good in 2007.Their split was made especially messy when their sex tape was picked up for distribution by Vivid Entertainment.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles NFL star Reggie Bush may have had an excellent college football career that surely made his entry into the NFL possible, but the professional athlete is probably more known for his very high-profile romance with Kim Kardashian than what he does on the football field.

Kim briefly dated Nick Lachey after his divorce from Jessica Simpson in 2006. Cannon revealed in 2012 that he dumped Kim because she lied about the existence of her and Ray-J’s sex tape to him.

The two were seen holding hands together a couple of times during their short romance. When Kim began dating Reggie Bush, her stardom was on the rise.

Lachey called it quits because he believed that Kim liked the limelight a little too much. The couple was known as the “Bush and the Tush,” a clear reference to Kim’s infamous derriere.

The two broke it off in July 2009, but reconciled briefly in September 2009. Sources say Bush’s family had issues with Kardashian’s past. After six months of dating, the NBA player proposed to Kim with rose petals that spelled out: “WILL YOU MARRY ME?

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