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Rare earth element map: Rare earth element districts in the United States are mainly located in the west.

This map shows the location of potential production locations - enlarge map to see all of the locations.

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The resulting alkaline magmas are rare and unusually enriched in elements such as zirconium, niobium, strontium, barium, lithium, and the rare earth elements.

[Rare earth elements listed in order of increasing atomic number; yttrium (Y) is included with these elements because it shares chemical and physical similarities with the lanthanides.

Unit of measure, parts per million.] Alkaline igneous rocks form from cooling of magmas derived by small degrees of partial melting of rocks in the Earth's mantle.

Only a representative minority of the hundreds of shonkinite, syenite, and carbonatite dikes are shown. Classification of ores related to alkaline rocks is also controversial.

Widespread andesitic and rhyolitic dikes, of Mesozoic or Tertiary age, are not shown. Table 2 presents a relatively simple classification that follows analogous categories for deposits related to nonalkaline igneous rocks.

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