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To help you with the task of creating a full-blown customer service department, we’ve prepared a guide on the most important aspects of customer support.

This ebook, will teach you how to approach phone, live chat, help desk and social customer service.

On the other hand, it might be a reason for misunderstandings between people located in different locations and conducting a chat, when emotions are not clearly expressed by words.

The point is to get on the same page, understand the positions of the person on the other side and to work together on getting things done.

Lightning quick service with friendly approach, sense of humor and a little surprise (like upgrade on delivery, discount for future orders, better deal) will turn the chat into a memorable experience and will make the customer a lifelong fan of your brand.

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Here’s a quick and simple guide for live chat operators and website visitors who discuss sales and support matters over the chat – live chat etiquette.

The natural extension will be measuring the results and constant work on their improvements.

Here’s the infographic that will give you an idea of what to focus on: A thing to remember is that text lacks feelings without context, which makes chat more advantageous than a phone, as it does not pass the emotions as easily as voice.

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