Point click and bang dating

Heard About You and its competitors had “a very sugarcoated approach,” to people’s motivations for online dating, Hodge told Valleywag.

“You still had to deal with a lot of bullshit and false intentions.”In the year and a half he spent in the industry, said Hodge, women complained in customer interviews that there was no place they could find short-term sex partners “without looking like a total, you know, tramp.” Craigslist or Adult Friend Finder seemed too extreme—and if they checked the “casual sex” box on sites like Ok Cupid, they were immediately overwhelmed with messages.

As the name suggests, Bang with Friends brings the startup world’s obsession with “frictionless” service to the world of casual sex.

The app serves up images of your Facebook friends and lets users click a button below each profile pic to indicate whether you would like to bone. According to Hodge, the service has more than 1 million users who log in about 70,000 times a day.

Meanwhile, the cofounders are plugging away improving the service.

I can’t check out the current version of the i Phone app, for obvious reasons.

“The tech industry in general, has this kind of code that let’s take the easy path, let’s take something that won’t bring a lot of controversy.

We personally don’t agree with that.” The standard line seems to be, “Hey, I’m supporting you from the sidelines,” he said, with the caveat that the pitch won’t get past certain partners in a firm.

They’re not making this huge commitment or having to create these long profiles.”As of this past month, Bang with Friends has the most users in Brazil, followed by the U. Veteran ad exec Cindy Gallop, founder of Make Love Not Porn, previously told me Oxford University students raved about it.But if you haven't mustered the courage to ask, are you really going to outsource that secret desire to a startup?Besides, it’s not so much doing the deed, as the aftershocks to one’s relationship that hold people back.“Go figure,” said Hodge, who emphasized that he’s confident he can get it back in the App Store.Then there was the glitch, depending on their privacy settings. “I think as much as a lot of the press sensationalized the headlines, Gawker included, the truth is that the vast majority of people are just not showing up on the searches,” he said, pointing out that “the most important anonymous factor” (whom you want to bang) stayed anonymous.

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