Perus dating custom

Peru’s culture is a set of beliefs, customs and way of life inherited from the native Incas, Spanish conquistadors and settlers.

Immigrant groups such as Africans, Japanese, Chinese and Europeans have also contributed to the society, blend of cultures and ways in which Peruvians live.

Chicama Beach is known for having the longest waves in the world.

Bullfighting was brought to Peru by the Spaniards and continue to be a tradition.

Many skilled craftsmen continue the tradition today.

In many cases generations of a family live together where the younger look after the elderly and help each other in difficult times.During the colonial period artists came from Spain and Italy and most of their art was related to religion, their paintings and sculptures are found in many churches today.Native Peruvian painters emerged in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, they were known as the Cuzco school of painters.String instruments introduced by the Spaniards such as is a mix of Afro-Peruvian and Andean beats.Peruvian food is different in each region, so what they eat depends on where they live. Dishes from the Amazon use fish available in rivers and lots of tropical fruits. Thousands of years ago potatoes, maize, quinoa and the meat of llamas and guinea pigs were the only resources in the Andes.

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