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There is a musician in every Pashtun and the reason is the availability of musical instruments like rabab, sitar, Piano, mangi in the village Hujra. Local musicians were not awarded any importance in the social structure but they were happy making their living.From a child birth to circumcision to engagement to marriage, the musician had many occasions to display his art and feed his children.This money strengthened the position of the rigid Wahabi mullah who ultimately weakened the position of the Khan and the traditionalist ulema (people of knowledge) who had a monopoly over the meaning and message of Islam.

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Jirga has historically been a secular institution that believed in debate and equal representation.The mullah thus became representative of religion and equally embroiled himself explicitly in the civil and political affairs like the 9th century Abbasid Caliph Al-Ma’mun.It should be remembered that in the Pashtun culture the mullah is not considered a Pashtun but an outsider who is required to guide people in religious affairs like the modern priest.People from different areas would come there to pray, dance and sing. Were those urs held now, I asked a childhood friend in my home town. Folk music is another prey of the new order in which the mullah is both a king and a pope.It was a social gathering that provided peace of mind and entertainment. Music is too popular in Pashtun society and each and every Pashtun likes not only listening to music but also participating in it.

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