Online dating mental health

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We all know couples who have met and subsequently have found ‘the one’ through online dating apps, such as Tinder and Bumble.

But while this behaviour is unpleasant, you’re not alone.

One dating site reported 78% of people aged between 18-33 have been ghosted.

While there are no official statistics, it’s believed that around 4.5 million Australians use online or app dating each year, according to Relationships Australia.

Dating app Tinder boasts 15% of the Australian population as users – making it the second-most preferred way to meet a new partner (the first being introduced by friends or family).

With a world of romantic and sexual possibilities dictated by a single swipe of the finger, are there negative side effects online dating can have on your mental health?

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“Dating apps are an opportunity to connect with more people quickly, and from the convenience of our own environment,” says psychologist Natajsa Wagner.

“We can use them to get a glimpse of who a person is, before taking the time to meet in person or go on a real-life date.” This opportunity can present a world of possibility, especially if you have a small, or coupled-up, social network, work long hours or work from home, are a single parent or just want exposure to people you may not otherwise meet.

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