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If you’re searching online, then the first step is creating your own profile. A photo really can be worth more than a thousand words.

And when creating a profile, your first concern should always be the photos, because realistically, it’s what we all look at first. The types of photos you choose, the activities you’re doing in the photos, the people you’re with, and even your hair and clothes can tell someone a lot about you.

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But it can be difficult to craft an engaging text that’s flirty but appropriate and portrays you accurately.

I would recommend using three or four recent head shots.

Ones which focus on your face, and are attractive, but not so flattering that you know deep down, they don’t really look like you.

If you’re not a big drinker, then perhaps think twice before filling your profile with pub and club shots.

And if you only ever wear make-up at big events, then it’s probably worth including some photos which give a truer representation of the person who will be turning up on any potential dates.

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