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They’re still working it out, so I don’t really know the specifics yet. For the first time, Nastia will be teaching me a dance. Nastia is leaving tonight, so she will learn it this weekend.

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But for Nastia and Derek, that group dance will be a challenge.

A spy dished to CDL, “Nastia would never cheat on Matt.

But, it is really hard for him to sit back and watch her dance all over the stage with Derek every week.

Siblings Vivian and Ronald Joseph came in fourth place in pairs figure skating but were given bronze medals a couple of years later after the...

Gold is a two-time US figure skating champion, was a member of the 2014 US Olympic team that won the bronze medal, and is an...- The outfit that trots out figure-skating notables for its regular Stars on Ice tour has proclaimed notably flamboyant American Olympic Johnny Weir “not family friendly” and refuse to have him along, sources tell a blogger for GLAAD (the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

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