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My guide helped keep the touts at bay as we navigated the medina with minimal hassle.

He helped me to get my bearings, and I experienced and saw a lot more than if I had been alone.

I’ll be honest: travelling solo through Morocco was tough. However, I was so frustrated that the local men I met acted in a way that made my trip far less enjoyable.

My four weeks in the country were challenging, exhausting, frustrating and disheartening — and yet, they were also full of joy, awe, wonder, and rewards. I’m frequently contacted by women who feel that same pull as I did to visit Morocco, but who have also been put off by the negative articles and sexual harassment horror stories.

I simply avoided eye contact, walked as if I knew where I was going, and they soon moved on to someone else.

I would count my tour to the Sahara Desert as one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.

Morocco is one of my favourite countries but it was also one of the hardest to travel in. They contact me looking for reassurance, wanting advice, and looking for information on how to have a safe, trouble-free trip.

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Essaouira felt like a breath of fresh air after the mayhem of Marrakech — a hippie town full of rumours that Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones had made this their home throughout the 70’s.

The problem is I didn’t have a trouble-free trip, and I can’t offer reassurance that travelling through Morocco will be easy.

But at the same time, just because I had a challenging time in the country doesn’t mean that anyone else will too.

It was on this tour to the desert that I experienced my first taste of harassment.

My tour guide made me feel uncomfortable at several points by continually reaching out to touch my arm and attempting to separate me from the rest of the group.

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