Michael clarke duncan and omarosa dating 100 dating european

Duncan had never had a sip of alcohol in the 54 years of his life given his unfortunate childhood experiences with an alcoholic father nor did he ever take any drugs.

According to his friends and family, he took his health and fitness very seriously which further raised the question of his untimely death.

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His soft snores became ragged and then stopped altogether.

I put my hand on his chest and realized he wasn’t breathing.

According to TMZ, Duncan's sister Judy started questioning "whether the late actor’s fiancée unduly influenced him into rewriting his will months before he died and leaving almost everything to her." She also alleged that at the time Duncan "was not of sound mind when he made the changes…

slurring words and stumbling around." It was also reported that "Judy says her suspicions about Omarosa intensified when MCD was hospitalized following his heart attack...

He was also known to have an extremely meat-centric diet which he changed and became vegetarian in order to have a better lifestyle.telling us Omarosa was fixated on MCD’s money when he was on life support. Omarosa has already sold a bunch of MCD’s personal effects (watches, cars, his 'Green Mile' director's chair, awards, etc.)." Judy says "Omarosa sold the stuff without the family’s knowledge" and she's pissed.However, none of these allegations have been proved and many attribute Duncan's death to his large size and body mass.However, he dropped his school to support his family when his mother became ill.He is an American by nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity.

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