Michael baisden dating

Back in 2013, when Chris & Sharon started working with Dave, things were not looking good.

When I read it I almost couldn’t believe the question. I responded briefly because there were about 18,000 various responses, and from what I saw, a lot were like, “Yeah! I’m glad to see there’s more discussions on this, and that more black women are FINALLY opening their minds to how many options they truly have.

Now you can tune-in and hear the latest from Baisden himself on his Podcast Show. Glad I downloaded the app to listen in on podcast I may have missed and when I have time can catch up on what’s new.

Renowned radio personality Michael Baisden is undeniably one of the most influential and engaging personalities in radio history. I listen daily because it’s entertaining and he communicates with his viewers.

Christian Hutchinson A lot of what you said is true.

Tune in and listen to what women had to say about being Hot Moms!

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