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Even the young ones do, and they can be your captive market.Here are some hot topics that editors frequently want from freelance writers: Teens go crazy over celebrities.This magazine is relatively new on the scene, but I’m intrigued by it because it addresses one of the biggest misconceptions about women our age – that we’re not interested in fashion, beauty, sensuality, and style.Sensationally Sexy and Over 50 is dedicated to fighting stigmas about getting older, and reminding people of all the ways that women our age can still be sensationally sexy.Since then, teen magazines have grown into a successful and profitable genre of magazines.Teen magazines peaked their success in the late 1990s as new titles joined the competition, all vying for the attention of teenagers.In the last several years teen magazines have dramatically declined due to the Internet and new technologies.

If you love Oprah Winfrey, you will love O Magazine.

Teen mags are not just about beauty, cosmetics, people, and relationships.

Teen magazines also target teenage boys who want to know the latest in online gaming, athletics, new music, motor vehicles, and other activities.

Whether there’s peer pressure or not, a good number of teen boys and girls love to be among the crowd, so they keep current with the latest styles.

Teens want to emulate their favorite celebrities or read more about the latest in hair style, dresses, shoes, and skin care products, to name a few. Many of them listen and play music to express themselves, especially to express their pent-up angst. Speaking of bands, you can write articles about upcoming and popular musicians or music groups, the songs they play, where they’re playing next, types of shows or concerts in which they are appearing, the story behind their success, their upcoming tours, etc.

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