Kimberly elise dating

Aja Bleu’s parents married in 1989 and had two beautiful daughters.But their happy married life came to an end in 2005.The couple divorced each other and parted their ways.Sadly, Aja Bleu’s dad passed away in 2007 due to a massive blood clot. According to Instagram, relationship coach Kevin Anthony Johnson.The father of three has been advising couples on their love lives for 20 years.

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But she has a guy best friend, Ryan Leon and is very close to him.Reportedly, there was no turmoil in their relationship and everything was going smoothly.Tragically, her husband, Maurice, died in the year 2007, due to a “massive blood clot.” Devoted to being a good mother, in an interview with Wendy Williams, she talked about her daughters in the interview, where she revealed that she is super close to them.It’s unclear how long they’ve been dating, but Kimberly praised him for finding her and helping her to love again.She also wished him a happy anniversary, but she didn’t share how long they’ve been together.

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