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One conceivable reason for the change in ranking compared to the is simply the nationalities that people want to try dating , could be through a difference in availability.Americans aside, the rest of these countries are all in Asia, which makes it easier for them to have larger populations in Japan, and therefore easier to meet.e Harmony has spent over ten years matching highly compatible couples.It’s a system that’s proven to work, and has led to many long-lasting relationships all over the world.No.1 : American 🇺🇸 No.2 : South-Korean 🇰🇷 No.3 : Filipino 🇵🇭 No.4 : Chinese 🇨🇳 No.5 : Thai 🇹🇭 Whilst each country had their own defining trait patterns, another thing in common with these countries was that many Japanese men and women found foreigners to be much more true to their emotions, and much kinder than their Japanese counterparts.

My native language is Japanese but I am also very fluent in English.This article aims to retell that study for foreigners and give them a bit more insight into how some Japanese people view International romances.The survey: De NA Travel sent out questionnaires to over 1700 of their email magazine subscribers.e Harmony’s Compatibility Matching System™ is a specially designed questionnaire created to match singles based on key factors, like their personality traits, sense of tradition, and educational background.Here at e Harmony we understand that great relationships are built on more than just chemistry.

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