Israel dating nigerian love at website informer

Unfortunately, I gave him my personal email - hopefully nothing much will come of it.

I did a google image search and he has an Instagram account that is private. The Instagram reflects a different last name but does reflect that he is a doctor of some sort.Check out - how many Feeds/stories this Person placed and how many followers he has - and if it is not a private account, check out who are the followers. I am sure it will 100% have good Looking Girls with Pictures in their BIO.Here in this case if checked bryan erickson - claims to be: Fotograf - located at So Cal (South California? Almost an identical story to the many I've read on here.Used to work in NY and had traveled to Durban, South Africa, for an oil rigging contract. John Carl - orthopedic surgeon for the UN, working in the far east.He contacted me via Linked In and I think he is trying to scam me. He sounded real at first, but now I started doubting because of too beautiful writing. Found him on The photo was cute, unconventional, but can't believe it is another scam.

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