Is brett wilson dating sarah mclachlan

But the early drive was to be successful based on the measures that I now make fun of — money and power. BRETT WILSON: If there is such a thing as an AA type personality, I would qualify at times. I manage to fit in business opportunities and investment in real estate, energy, and oil and gas; I haven’t abandoned that world but have a different set of priorities. Then my three children asked if I would go back to climb with them and I said, of course I would.

There I realized that the cost it had on my relationships wasn’t worth it.I feel that western medicine is fairly closed minded to alternative therapies, yet those practising alternative therapies are fairly open to all forms of treatment. After living through cancer, it’s a rare person who wouldn’t come to the conclusion that there is more to life than the life you were leading. BRETT WILSON: Twenty years ago my wife and I began giving 1 percent of our pre-tax income to charity, and, appreciating how good it felt, realized that we could afford to increase that.Within the medical system I became very frustrated: two professional groups – one supporting surgery and the other radiation therapy – were arguing, both convinced that if I didn’t use their treatment methodology, I was going to die. This, like a major injury or death in the family, becomes a wakeup call. Over time we became more involved and it became more interesting., is a highly successful entrepreneur and Chairman at Canoe Financial LP, and runs his Prairie Merchant Corporation that is focused on energy, real estate, sports and entertainment investments.He has shared podiums with Bill Clinton, both Bush’s and Donald Trump.

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