Ios validating text input

First off let’s create a new Xcode project and title it “Forming” or whatever you like.

Select single page app and set the language to Swift.

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Also, make your text field a bit wider to accommodate an email address.

ios validating text input-37

Then, in the Main Interface dropdown, we want to select file to create our form we need for this tutorial. The grey arrow next to the view indicates this is the initial view when the user opens the app, so we simply need to add our input form to this view.

To begin building our form, drag a Label object and a text field from the object library onto our view.

Double click on the label you’ve just added to the view to edit the text to say “Email”.

Finally let’s drag a button from the object library on the view and center align it below the phone number field.

Double click on the button and edit the title to read “Submit.” This will be our button that submits the form for validation.

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